Christa Testimony

Over the past few weeks and months of attending The River School of Worship, I have seen a huge difference in my life. The spirit of God has touched and transformed me. Every day I seek him more and strive to become more like him. The word has become my foundation and I’ve tested it and confessed it and it has proven to be SO true! Before I came to school I wanted to buy a Mac Book and I had only 500 dollars that I got as a gift for my high school graduation.  Instead of saving it and hoping that the rest of the money would come in, I sewed it, all of it. I prayed and asked God to provide me a laptop. The Sunday before our classes started I was sitting in a Sunday morning service and a man handed me his Mac Book, exactly the one I wanted.  It brought me to the realization that God is my father and he loves me so much. I have been confessing scripture and listening to the word being taught. It has become my lifestyle. I know that it has built up my faith so that believing God for everything I need doesn’t seem like a burden; it is my way of life. The word of God has proven itself to be so true time and time again. I am so thankful to be here and be able to grow in God and build myself up to be launched into the ministry.


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