Debbie Testimony

Every Christian I know told me that everything I need is in the Word of God.  When you are young, it does not seem that important.  They were words on a page for me.  My life began to change when I saw my stepsister and brother step out on faith and move into the calling that God had for them.  I began to see them speak the Word of God with the Authority and Power that God has given us. Everything and everyone in their life began to bear fruit.   My sister said that God is no respecter of person and the same thing He did for them He can do for me.  I wanted what God had for me.  I wanted a relationship with father.  My life before Him was full of chaos and confusion.  However, I read the Word of God and began to get clarity and understanding that was always there, I just did not have a revelation of it until now.  The Holy Spirit is so awesome He helps me to understand my place, leads me in my purpose and Gods plan for my life.

I am learning that when trials come I must speak to that situation with the Power and Authority that God has given me.  Speaking the Word of God, angels respond to His Word. Speaking the Word the enemy has to flee.  the Word brought freedom for me,  I can give God unrestricted praise.  God’s Word is life and truth, it is seed to the sower and it bears fruit. I have watched my life transform by the Word of God.  I have spoken the Word into my family’s life and prayed without ceasing.  They look at where I have come from and where I am now and see change.  All of my brothers go to church now and they take their families.  I thank God for the Word.  It feels wonderful to get on the phone with them now and tell how good God is without feeling as if I am offending them.  To God be the glory for the things he has done.

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