Jessica C. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne states that my family was very excited to follow God’s lead and move from Canada to Tampa.  We sold and gave away everything so my husband and I could attend RBI.  The enemy came against us from the very beginning of making our decision.  Both family and friends disapproved and several expenses came up all at once which drained all our financial resources.  The night before we were to leave, we knew we didn’t even have enough for the drive down.  We committed to trust in God and leave in the morning.  Just before we left, we were given a cash gift.  It was not enough, but we trusted in God to provide the rest, so we left anyways.  We were given another cash gift while on route, it was enough to get us here.

During the first couple of days of RBI, feelings of rejection and failure resurfaced from my high school years and I wanted to run away.  Rodney Howard Brown realized that this was an attack and I took authority over it.

The second week of RBI we were told that our son was not going to be allowed in the educational program that we had been expecting.  This created a large obstacle and I faced the possibility that I would have to drop out to be able to care for him.  Rodney Howard Browne believes that we set out to find a school or day program which would take him, even though we had no money to pay for it.  It seemed we were being turned away from every program we approached.  On the Wednesday night of The Great Awakening, Pastor Eric preached on facing and conquering your giants.  I vowed to not give up on what God was calling me to do and felt peace about the situation.  Finally on Friday afternoon we found a Christian school who decided to take him for free!

Now in week three we have taken hold of the sowing and reaping principle, although we are tithers, we had never been taught this way.  We are very excited about what the Lord has in store for us!….Jessica C.

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