Julie C. Testimony

Well these past few weeks, since Rodney Howard Browne have been here at RSW, have been bitter sweet. God has really been speaking to me and changing how I think. He has done quite a bit of pruning and it is not very pleasant during the process. However, Rodney Howard Brown have felt His presence so strongly, like I haven’t in a while. My dad is a pastor so I have been taught right and raised under the anointing and the power and presence of God. But before I came here I was at a place of familiarity and comfort. Great Awakening Tours

Well, at least I thought it was. But the whole time I was in that stage, I didn’t have peace. Rodney Howard Browne was not living a holy lifestyle. I was in a relationship that wasn’t of God. I knew unless God got a hold of him that it wouldn’t last from the beginning. But of course that didn’t stop me from entering into it. So, I knew that when Virginia told me about the scholarship I had to come. Otherwise Rodney Howard Brown would probably stay in the rut I was in forever. Honestly, this has been a very difficult time for me, but I am trusting in God completely.

Rodney Howard Browne left, not only my fiance, but my well paying job and the life I had built in KY. But that is just it. It was the life I had built for myself, not the one that God has for me. So I am already learning to surrender it ALL to God. Rodney Howard Brown am having to learn to trust Him with everything and stop trying to do everything myself. I feel free and clean and at peace with being here and being led into the destiny God has for me. It is painful right now, but I know God’s healing comes after His pruning. Rodney Howard Browne can’t wait to see where God has taken me at the end of this year…..Julie C.

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