Mary Testimony

It has been a time to negotiate with God to take their offenses toward me off the record and not hold it against them and to pray fervently that “the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened,” and their hearts “flooded with light.”  That they might know how wide and how high and how deep and how long is God’s love for them and they may come to know the truth of His love beyond mere knowledge, but would know His love personally and experientially.  And, that the knowledge and experience of His love will bring them to repentance and their eternal salvation.

The reality of this world system has given me a fresh and gripping revelation of the importance of keeping my heart right, and understanding why Jesus emphasized forgiving our enemies, praying for them, feeding them when they are hungry, and not holding anything against them.  And, at last, I can fully let go of the corrupt world system without any hesitation and fully embrace the ways of the Kingdom of God.


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