Nicole Testimony

Pastor Derrick Golding preached a few weeks ago on letting the river flow. It was such a powerful message, it truly impacted me! He preached on the woman at the well and how Jesus pretty much broke every rule of religion and tradition possible when he was speaking to her. Pastor Derrick made a statement that said “Spiritual hunger cannot be satisfied as long as we compromise moral behavior”. She was compromising moral behavior by being with the fifth man. When Jesus asked her about her husband, she said “I have no husband.” He replied back that she was correct and the man that she was living with now was not her husband either. She was compromising her morality and therefore any hunger that she had for God would never be satisfied as long as she lived in sin. It was if she were trying to fulfill a void in her life that only the Lord could fill. It made me realize that many women today feel that way. It also made me realize that I used to be like that also. Before I knew who I was in Christ, I always sought the acceptance of men. I felt that I had to be the center of their attention and give them what they asked for and if not then I would feel worthless. But I was searching for something that could never be filled by man; only God could fill that void. It’s beautiful what God unlocked in me after I listened to this message over and over. I had to get this word down in my spirit!! I had to get hungry and thirsty for myself!! I got the revelation of letting the river that is inside of me flow out!


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