Rachel D. Testimony

Before Rodney Howard Browne left Oklahoma for RBI, people where asking why I was going. From my pastor and the worship leader at the my church to friends and coworkers. People questioned why I was going to school when I was already playing, singing, and leading worship at my church. Why was I leaving a great job? a great church? Why was I going so far to attend this particular school? There were lots of other schools Rodney Howard Brown could have attended. At the time, my only answer was that God was leading me to attend RBI. Now, I know that God has brought me to RBI to get absolutely on fire for Him and Him alone.

The first week of classes I felt the Lord leading me to attend Momentum on Wednesday night. I went and I was so abundantly blessed beyond what I could have expected. The power of God fell in that service and I was on the floor for an extended period of time. While Rodney Howard Browne lay there, God began to show me a glimpse of the things He has for me. I just wept. And I heard the Lord telling me “this is your training ground.”

As I sat down to write this essay, I struggled to assess and express the deep work that God has initiated and furthered in my heart since coming to RBI. God led me to RBI for an intense period of soaking in the anointing in order to light a burning fire in me that will blaze with a passion for the lost. I know this exciting process has begun and Rodney Howard Brown look forward to the journey and outcome.

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