Regis Testimony

God is looking for luscious healthy fruit to be produced from our lives to meet the hunger of the world and nourish those in the Kingdom.  It is only produced through the precious word of God planted as a seed into the soil of our heart.

It is my responsibility to prepare the soil of my heart to receive the precious seed of the Word of God. I closely examine my soil for roots that have gone unnoticed, weeds that have sprung up in a past season, rocks that have worked their way to the surface, or hard crusty ground that needs to be turned over and under to make it ready for the seed because it is a dry thirsty ground.  No one is responsible for my soil except me.

As I welcome the seed into the ground I have prepared, I assume greater responsibility to assure the seed it has optimum attention and I protect it from the birds of the air and flocks of the field which would love to devour it before it has had an opportunity to grow roots. Water and nourishment is essential for the seed to grow. My attention is required on a daily basis to make certain no pestilence attaches itself to my growing plant.

With watchful eye, I tend to my growing plant and take careful notice of developing buds which will develop into delicious fruit.  However, even greater diligence is required to make certain no harm comes to the growing fruit. Frost, disease, neglect, blight, bugs, and thieves will either steal or destroy my fruit if I do not take necessary precautions before the fruit even appears on the branch.

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