Taisha M. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne must say that the past few weeks have been amazing! I am a first year Bible student from Massachusetts, and I feel very privileged to be here. Since RBI Revival started GOD has done a tremendous work in my heart. Well in my life period. But I have to tell you about my heart. About two weeks ago the Lord touched me and what I felt going through my body was uncontrollable. It made me jump right out my seat Rodney Howard Brown was stomping and dancing  in  praise and well I don’t remember what I was saying but I fell straight to the ground it was like I was the plug  that got plugged into the socket and then pulled right out. My body went numb, limp. I could hear Pastor Todd preaching and everyone else in the sanctuary but my body could not move.

Rodney Howard Browne states that the anointing was all over and in me I could feel it. Never felt anything like it in my life. I definitely was on GOD’s ‘’ operating table ‘’. My heart started feeling like it was being massage and squeezed , rearranged  almost like it was even being shaked. Knots were being unknotted and the junk was being shaked out. Any kind of bitterness Rodney Howard Brown had left in my heart taken out. Certain cold spots in my heart began to feel warm. Like  I  got warm liquid fill. All this is happening to me while I’m laying there on the carpet and I’m like wow this is really happening I really feel GOD  working in my heart. Ever since that night I have never been the same. Rodney Howard Browne have a compassion  and  love towards people like never before. Which is a major thing for me thinking about where and what the LORD has delivered me from. I can say that I honestly have a greater love and stronger hunger for the things of GOD. I can say my faith has really been activated.

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