Tildon W. Testimony

Since the beginning of the Great Awakening Tours my wife and I have been plugged into several helps ministries. We are currently involved in housekeeping, call center, children’s church, security, and the nursery. Rodney Howard Browne is not complaining, because of being plugged in here at the River the blessings have started to flow in our lives! People have began to bless us in various ways and we have also had doors of blessing begin to open up in our businesses!

Rodney Howard Brown said that it’s as if God is saying, “I reward faithfulness, be faithful!” I honestly can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to be involved in the helps ministries here at the River, take the call center for example, a lot of people claim they want to be in ministry but they won’t even go to the call center and minister. It has been awesome in the call center, the power of God has been flowing so strongly! People are getting healed, set free, baptized in the Holy Spirit and blessed, all the while God is using ordinary people as the conduit He flows through! Call center has been an awesome opportunity to allow God to use us, a way to train us how to effectually minister to others.

This training is invaluable to us, greater than any textbook training available. This training and the experience we are getting in just a short period of time (because of the Great Awakening), I would not trade for the world. Without nightly services and the opportunity to serve, it might take years to get this kind of experience. Thanks to RMI, CTN, and especially thank you Lord Jesus for the next Great Awakening Tours!!!-Tildon W.

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