Chris P. Testimony

This Great Awakening Tours that is happening in the nation has been really stirring me up for my family in a greater way. An Evangelist Sadi M. Pekerol shared Monday night the 18th of January about believing for his sister salvation she was going through a hard time in her life but she really never favored God because of religious traditions. He and his wife where holding a GAT in Randallstown , MD. Rodney Howard Browne noticed a difference in her personality something strange cause of coarse he knows her traits and attitudes but he noticed she was nice and whatever.

So later that evening as sadi and his wife Karen where heading home his wife mention to Sadi that she lead her to the Lord Sadi sister prayed a prayer of salvation with her know she is born-again, that has been a prayer of Sadi for years he had a nephew as well that received Jesus as his lord and savior he had a lifestyle of drugs and drinking all kinds of stuff but Jesus brought him out and is doing a wonderful work in his life from that point. So this really stirred up Rodney Howard Brown faith for my family, a lot of my family been raised in church my dad side was raised catholic and later became Pentecostals so they’ve grown up in a religious setting but not living all for Christ and realizing who the are in Christ. God has started a work and Rodney Howard Browne is the author and finisher of are faith my sister Patricia back in the beginning of 2010 rededicated her life to the lord got filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized with water in full immersion. It has been awesome her household has been turned upside down with the gospel her 9yr old daughter is serving God filled with the spirit leading people to Jesus just a radical soul-winner for Christ, her husband and son-in-law are seeking God it’s been a process but God is faithful he watches over his word to perform it according to Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which Rodney Howard Brown please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. It’s been absolutely powerful what God is doing. One of my older cousins Sandra has been impacted by the Gospel and the power of that Gospel now she in Bible School totally filled with the Holy Ghost and seeing countless people come into the kingdom of God. Want to share what God is doing in her life well she lives in very broken home her parents are separated in alcoholic lifestyles and totally backslidden from God. Great Awakening Tours

Rodney Howard Browne states that God is revealing himself to her daughter she hasn’t been serving God cause she and her friends had a situation with there youth pastor that caused an offence to raise up in her heart that total hinder her from seeking God. So anyway she was watching The Great Awakening on television the power of God hit her she called the prayer-line and she received Jesus into her heart was ministered too God is doing a work in my family life a quick work. Rodney Howard Brown believe God is not done yet there are countless more that need to hear this Good News and they will hear and then the end shall come. -Chris P

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