Noble Testimony

The Word is most effective when it is alive to you, to hear the actual Word of God is to be receptive of God, to get his word sown into your heart will cause drastic changes in every area of one’s life as you begin to apply the Word into areas of your Life. It’s not a formula, as a quick testimony I can give is that, if you have faith like a mustard seed you can move Mountains, I got that word in my spirit along with faith without works is dead, and he who seeks after the Kingdom of God shall not lack one thing. Those three Scriptures right there, just from that I can tell you I have not lacked once, not once. I can say for sure that both my food and gas are supernaturally provided, I am totally against not looking for a job and only believing the Lord for provision, but as someone who has been searching for a job for over 4 years now and could not find one I have made soul winning my job and I have not lacked a single dime since I have been putting that Word to work in my life. I have most definitely seen great fruit from applying the Word of sowing and reaping into my life, just a quick testimony of that, I sowed a car not too long ago and when I needed a car I got one given to me. My advice is to just go out and experience the word for yourself.


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