Susan Testimony

The River just finished it’s Spring Ministers’ and Leaders’ Conference.   The last night ended with the graduation ceremony of the RBI/RSW students.  Since I graduated with my Bachelor of Theology degree, I had to stop and assess how I was doing.  What did I learn in the past three years?

One can always look at all the lectures we heard and all the books we read.  That information was all good and useful.  The stories the instructors told helped us realize that even these seasoned men and women of God have crazy trials and experiences but God is always there to help them through.  All the scriptures we memorized will come in handy as we go do what we’re called to do.

Way beyond the head knowledge we received is what was done in the heart.  You are not aware of changes when they happen, but later you can look back and see that you are not the same person.   I’m aware of a settling in my spirit.  I guess it could be called maturity.  Things that used to ruffle my feathers don’t bother me any more.


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